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Photo Finish

Photo Finish

Writer - Landon Faulkner 

Art/Color/Letters - J.R. Mounts

Chris is just trying to make his spot in the rodeo in Cheyenne, and all the chaos he encounters as he speeds his way across many states to get there. You will never look at sheep again in the same way!

The idea came about when I was inspired to make a comic book out of a song called "Photo Finish," by Chris LeDoux, a country singer/songwriter and rodeo cowboy. LeDoux's famous rodeo ride is one of legend. This comic also hints at a few other LeDoux song hits as well.

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Right on Time

Writer - Landon Faulkner 

Art/Color/Letters - Paul Spencer

Journey back in time for an adventure during a time when the expansion of the west was as wild as the land itself. We follow one cowboy as he braves the wilderness, elements, Indians and time itself. Right on Time ask the question, 'How far would you go to get through?'.

Print - https://www.storenvy.com/products/19229533-right-on-time

Digital - https://payhip.com/b/V5eG

Headshrinker's Press Presents #3

Headshrinkers Press Presents is an annual anthology exploring some one off tales as well as ongoing Headshrinkers Press series. In this issue we Present: Glenn Reaper, MAR, Alkhamsa and Landslide.

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Writer - Landon Faulkner 

Art - Walker

A frustrated and fed up president makes a horrific executive decision, then closes America.

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