Writer - Creator - Actor

Writer - Creator - Actor

Writer - Creator

Writer - Creator

For years I’ve been writing. With a background in the entertainment industry I have written for bands, screenplays, short stories, comedy and sketch comedy. my passion for comics and multi media art has worked in secret, till now. With studies in art and creative writing he hopes to leave his mark on the genre.

From an early age I was fascinated with the Old West. Watching cowboy movies and television shows with my father only fueled the fire. Upon a visit to Arizona when I was young and getting to walk the streets of Old Tucson Studios... well that cemented my love of the West. Researching and reading the legends of a gone, but not forgotten time has inspired me to take my creativity down the long and dusty trail to restore the western genre to the glory of years gone by.


I worked as a stand up comedian for 16 years. I had been featured in a few local television shows and newspapers. I even got to film my show for BET’s ComicView. Within that time for 10 years I preformed alongside a great crew doing improv comedy in Wits End. Along the way I got the opportunity to do a part in a film called ‘Recession Proof’. I con to practice and train my acting skills. I recently was cast in a pilot for what we all hope will be an amazing series. (More information on that as it comes out.)

I also work as an Old West re-enactor, portraying ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody throughout the year at Dogwood Pass in Beaver, OH.


Photo Finish

Based on the Chris Ledoux song of the same name, Photo Finish is the tale of a rodeo cowboy trying to get from Billings to Cheyenne... in a hurry and all the trouble that goes with it.

Right On Time

In the ‘Ol West is was hard to survive alone. Follow one man’s ride against the elements, animals, enemies and time it self.

Glenn Reaper

Within the covers of ‘Headshrinker’s Press Presents #3‘ is the beginning of the story ‘Glenn Reaper‘. This tells the beg of what might happen if the Grim Reaper had enough of his job and quit. Then decides to come and live out his life as a human and try to help others.


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