Landon Faulkner

Writer - Creator - Publisher - Producer

For decades Landon has been writing. With a background in entertainment he's written for bands, screenplays, short stories, stand-up and sketch comedy. His passion for comics and multimedia art is something that he's secretly worked on....till now. With studies in art and creative writing he hopes to leave his mark on this world. This along with his previous business experience he hopes to be a fixture in the world of comics. 

From an early age Landon has been fascinated with old westerns. Watching cowboy movies and television shows with his dad only fueled the fire. Upon a visit to see family in Arizona and going to Old Tucson Studios, well that cemented his love for the west. Reading and researching the legends of a gone but not forgotten time has inspired him to take his creativity down the long dusty trail to restore the western genre to it's glory of days gone by.